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As a yogi/yogini, it is very important to be mindful of a lot of things, always, but especially during this holiday season. I took to my platforms to spread a little tip about the pros and cons of Black Friday, and how the “hype” is an instant gratification, that really can get you into a heap of financial trouble.

We live in a world where entrepreneurship and online selling, sustainable selling, being eco-friendly, is really becoming the new future. I’m sorry I missed posting here about Black Friday, but my general consensus was to stay away from the big stores, and instead invest in something that will make your dreams grow. Something that will bring you the financial freedom you deserve. I know, because for 2 decades I was living paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t have a savings account until I was 24! And I have a triple Bachelors in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communications. Yet, working 8-5 (not 9-5! + side jobs in marketing & trade shows) – I was STILL barely making ends meet. And I wasn’t going to the mall on shopping sprees…I haven’t been to the mall in over ten years. I paid my BILLS and shopped secondhand even before it was a thing!)

Then, I became a mother – my biggest achievement in my life. But did you know the cost to raise a child per year is estimated to be: $12,980 (and I’ve personally found that to be actually a very low estimate). Furthermore, being a SINGLE MOTHER with no child support is something most people cannot do and have the life they deserve for their children. In my case, even worse, we are currently at $20k arrears until enforcement, motor vehicle theft and other judgments unpaid, and so much more, that I would be drowning if I was not so conscious about my spending habits.

I know my recent posts have seemed a bit off topic in yoga, but they’re really not. (I am working on big things for my yoga peeps, don’y worry!) Becoming a mother, having a lot of financial issues protecting my family and most importantly my daughter (I won’t defame, as I am clearly giving leniency) – but motherhood in itself with zero child support turned my already frugal self into a penny pincher. For good reason. There is no dollar amount for my child. I will have nothing if that means I fully provide for her, her education, and the things that make her smile, just to name a few. (Wait a minute … Maybe that’s why I subconsciously woke up to “BombYogaMom” as my pseudonym!)

I knew when I got my first Yoga Certification (Yoga Alliance), it would take time but it was going to go somewhere. I have that free entrepreneural spirit within me no matter how many hours I have to work, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my daughter who is #1.

That being said, Yoga is about consciousness, kindness, it is a very deep inner practice – MIND – BODY – SOUL. So sustainability isn’t off topic here

So, that takes me to my point. Today is Small Business Saturday. My Yoga Business is a small business, that just got trademarked (name to be announced!)

What you don’t know though, is I have had a small 8 business for 12 years in the e-comm industry, then 8 years on Poshmark – going strong! Poshmark is the highest fashion/retail reselling platform, and my closet sets me apart. It truly saved me when I went through the financial hardships of medical bills, single motherhood with zero support, no vehicle, no belongings. I had to re-start from the ground up when I had my divorce and custody trial. It’s like my inner self knew to start in 2014 unknowing that I would need it direly to survive and thrive for my family beginning 4 years later…

This reselling began actually in 2010 on eBay, but I stumbled upon Poshmark in 2014 and now I am one of the Top Sellers in a multi million user platform. (To be clear, this isn’t Mary Kay, not an MLM. This is an integrity based platform for users to buy and sell fashion/electronics/household items. If you scroll down, I was one of 4 main stage speakers in Posh Stories section. That’s a big deal!)

In my video below I just want you to know, today and always, let’s not just shop small business, but let’s shop secondhand. The fashion industry is the most damaging industry financially, and small business owners have found their space to be able to accomplish their dreams simply by selling out of their own closets, and finding their wishlists for a fraction of the price – or being able to own things that they could never afford. This also allows for people to resell and be able to make more money and spend more time with their families. It’s a win-win. And just for the record, I’m not getting paid for this. I just hope to help at least one person.

If you’d like to shop my closet, you can download the app and use my code THATBOMBYOGAMOM for some free Poshmark cash – look it up, it’s not a scam or MLM. Also, my person closet link is:https://posh.mk/Fwn0IdyEhvb or you can just search find user – @thatbombyogamom.

I hope I sparked some internal thinking about finances and business, sustainability, and how to make the world a better place. You too can start your own small business! (Yoga Lovers – Yoga clothing and gear is a hot topic on Poshmark!)

Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

Dara Singletary …


Happy 5th Birthday, Bree Bee!♾️

Happy 5TH Birthday to the light of my life, Miss Bree Noelle. My best friend. My partner in crime. My soul sister. The one I swear to protect – and have done quite a good job at. I would have laid my life down – and I did. I was ready. My book is 4 years in the making and it’s almost done. So I’ll save that story for the publishing company. This is about YOU. Your light. Conscious conception. Our miracle.

I’m sorry for everything I couldn’t control. I’m sorry you were abandoned. I did everything I could. What could have been but what is ahead are two different things. I no longer consistently look back. You are loved by so many. You are loved by this world.

This post is TBD – because I just have all the feels on Bree’s birthday. The photos past pop up. But the best has come and is yet to come.

The day my world fell apart only to come back together stronger, and better than before.

We are accreta survivors (undetected). We are domestic abuse survivors. And although I could say more, I am not here to put anyone down. You’re missing out.

I love you, your month long birthday, my horsey girl – the best YET! You are my world, and everyone else’s. #survivor

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Announcement at 18 weeks, Sarasota, FL
Pregnant in Disney
Pregnant in FL
I’m our family portrait we look pretty happy🎶😢
Accreta Survivor #hystersister #npdawareness #ptsd
Pregnant in Tally
Bree’s Dedication
Destin, FL 2018
Pregnant Vibes
For infinity 🎶
New life #soberfam 💜🐝

Memorial Day 2022

Happy Memorial Day, friends. To me, it’s odd to say “Happy” Memorial Day. Did we forget the meaning behind this ‘in memorandum’ day that is a day of intense mourning? Memorial Day is presents an opportunity to remember the brave men and women who fought (and for many, lost their lives to protect our country). It’s not a party of binge drinking, it’s a day of gratitude for the price so many paid for us to have the lives we do. May we be mindful today. May we make acts of kindness big or small. May we live our lives to the fullest in honor of those who lost theirs. May we pray for the families who have lost a loved one. Don’t waste a second, millisecond, nanosecond of our lives doing things that do not serve us, the Lord, others. Let’s get back to the roots of this day of remembrance.

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Happy Earth Day, 2022!


Let’s take a twist on fitness + Eco-friendliness!

Utrasana, or “Camel Pose”

Happy Earth Day, my friends! I hope you have all had a wonderful day, and reflected on what you can do to make it better. There is no better way to combine being sustainable & lowering your carbon footprint all while getting your workout in by practicing outdoors. You’re not only being eco-friendly, but you’re getting that added benefit of Vitamin D from it’s true source!

The pose above is probably my favorite if not top 3 poses that I do throughout the day, and incorporate in every practice. About the pose: Utrasana, also known as “Camel Pose” (or Camel). Utrasana, or “Camel Pose” is a huge heart opener. (Both arms at ankles). Stretches thighs, ankles, thorax, inguinals, quads, psoas). Great for strengthening your back. You’ll see full expression and different variations in more posts! I just loved this photo for today! Also, as y’all know I like to be personable with my own experience. This is great for everyone. However I may have an extra force pulling me to this pose due to certain body ailments. I’ll take a second to let you all know I “suffer” (radically accepted) from a very rare connective tissue disorder called Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, or EDS – ALONG WITH fibromyalgia. (If you suffer from fibromyalgia it is very common to be misdiagnosed, or undiagnosed with the real genetic disease of Ehler’s Danlos – EDS). You can have both, but every doctor who even knows what EDS is – has told me (of course I ask) – that YES, most people are diagnosed with fibromyalgia when in reality they have EDS, or in my case, both. I also have severe S-Curved Scoliosis at an above 20 degree curve with herniated and bulging discs at every level of my spine. I have a metal disc in my neck after discectomy. I have thyroid issues … just to name a few of my body’s condition. I’ll do a post on that as I don’t want to take away from EARTH DAY.

Some things you can do to help the Earth are simple. •Turn off the lights. • Be mindful of the energy usage – your wallet with thank you too! • Plant a tree (so therapeutic) • Reduce, Re-use, and recycle • Conserve Water • Reuse shopping bags. Those are all so easy, eco-friendly, therapeutic, and helpful money management tools. You can also go the extra mile by biking to work (and other places!) Added fitness bonus! • Do your workouts outdoors & get that Vitamin D & fresh air! • Only buy sustainable eco friendly products. They’re becoming more and more affordable so you’re not breaking the bank. At first it was expensive & rare. Now, more and more companies either are or plan to be fully/as much as possible carbon-neutral! • For the ladies – here’s a tip on a great company (non-collab) – HereWeFlo – for life’s messy moments. Eco-friendly and gives back to the community. Price is afforadable if not less than name brands we’ve been used to for decades.

Don’t forget – being outdoors with natural (I wish I could say pure) air, has been proven to eradicate disease, improve mood, and since I’ve spoken about sobriety, it is HUGE in recovery that you love your planet and spend time outdoors. You’ll make new friends, and you’ll probably have some new, healthy addictions like gardening, biking, working out, or even just grounding – melting into the Earth. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

Earth Day Tips

I will be back to edit and add more of my favorite companies, ideas I’ve personally incorporated that were actually saving me money while being eco-friendly, and some great fitness tips for outdoors! Remember, gyms are EXPENSIVE for a reason! All of that energy usage is what you’re paying for, and you can always makeshift equipment or use other items you have outdoors! We only have one Earth, let’s love it back. Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

PS – Don’t forget grounding every day. You don’t have to be a yogi for that!


Happy Resurrection Day!

He is risen!

𝙷🐰𝚙𝚙𝚢 𝙴𝙰𝚂𝚃𝙴𝚁! ✝️ – 𝗥𝗲𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗿𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟮 – Happy Resurrection Day! Easter is a fun holiday – but let’s not forget the true meaning. Our sins were paid on the cross by Jesus, and by His stripes, we are healed. Through His resurrection, we too have our own resurrection to come. There would be no other way to connect with our perfect God in heaven. He paid it all. • Isaiah 55:3 “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him; And by His stripes we are healed.” (NKJV)


How Great is our God!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Just a quick check in as I have been on a hiatus and can’t wait to share it with all of you. I had to hop on and wish you all a Happy International Women’s Day! Stay fierce, strong, and unstoppable!

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PoshFest 2022 Official Speaker

To be posted-Posh Fest 2022 (Courtesy of my PFF Lynn)! Post to come! #poshmark

Dara Singletary @thatbombyogamom

Happy Father’s Day…special edition 2022!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Step-Dad’s, Father-figures, and let’s not forget, the single mamas!  
Our story is unique.  But let me make one thing clear.  Bree will never be lied to.  Bree is abundantly blessed despite being abandoned by her father.

I’m not here to destroy or undermine anyone’s reputation.  Our birth story is still being published, but the time is not right.  Her father and I went through a lot.  He went through a lot watching the life being sucked out of me.  He made bad choices, BUT he made GOOD choices, too.  As the years pass, as I work with coping mechanisms, as I study not just the disease of addiction and Psychological Disorders – true ones, not labels-, but also the BIBLE, my heart becomes softer.  I become less hurt, and more grateful.  Grateful that he gave me a daughter.  Grateful that he gave me two precious souls to teach me how to be a mom.  Grateful that Bree has two half-sisters, that one day might want to meet her.  (The brainwashing will eventually come to light).  Grateful that he slept in the hospital bed with me. Grateful that for her first three months, despite the bad, there was so much good.  Grateful that at one point in time, we were a family.  We were a TEAM. 

Now there’s a lot of things I could say that my daughter’s dad did wrong.  I could sit here in bitterness stemming from pain as I have in many years past, almost every day for the majority of my daughter’s life.  However, I’ve grown.  I’ve become a better mom…and learned how to play “dad,” too.  I think that really has given me deeper appreciation for Father’s, especially my Father (who happens to be the best Father and Grandfather in the world!)

Father’s are typically the disciplinarian, and THAT IS HARD.  Frankly, especially as an empath, I hate that part.  But, no matter what, I will do what’s in the best interest of our child.  That includes not brainwashing my child in order to get revenge (“JAM”).

Our story is tragic.  I forgive you.  That doesn’t mean “getting away with ‘murder,'” but it does mean to flip my lens.  If not for my own self and the people in my life, but most importantly, because my (our) daughter deserves it.  Watching me die wasn’t easy.  Having your other children used as a tool against you isn’t right.  Breaking the law and forcing your minor children to do the same.  It’s sick, twisted, and all I can say for anyone reading this is, don’t do it.  They’ll know when they grow up.  

I have made this vow when Bree was a baby, to never ever lie to my daughter.  She’s slowly learning and grasping the concept of the fact that she has a dad, he knew her, and whether it’s true or not, because I’m not a narcissist, I will tell her that he loves her because at one point in time he did.  I will never let my daughter, abandoned and even “unclaimed” (unless taxes are concerned) – I will NEVER let her feel like she was not wanted.  I also will never brainwash her to think someone else is her biological father.  Sadly, that’s not the case with her sisters.  And to be frank, that’s something their mom and stepdad will take up with God.  It’s not my problem.  But he was a good dad to them.  If a Judge and Jury were to ask me, I’d say the truth.  He loved them.  I love them.  I will speak my truth.  I will stand up for what’s right.  I will be the advocate.  Even if things are different on both ends, I see the whole picture and force myself to stand back with an unbiased view.  Sadly, I’m just not the same person as she was.  I would have fought if the other person would have too.  I didn’t go find the first man to get a “revenge” card, or take the easy way out just so I wouldn’t be lonely or I could have help and force a “normal” family life appearance.  I took 2 YEARS to find ME, so I could be the best person for my child.  Sadly though, through the legal and psychological lens, I see a lot of narcissists.  Not just one villian.  Using children as tools.  It’s sickening and my heart hurts so bad that I can’t delete the pictures and videos of children who were happy, and then their world’s were turned apart by the people who should have protected them.

My point here is to be honest.  My point is to speak MY truth.  My point is to help other women who have been in similar situations to know what to do; because for a long time, (as in YEARS), I didn’t.


The role of a parent is to guide your child, and in my personal opinion, Biblically and spiritually.  One day they’ll grow up and say, “why did you lie to me, mom?”  I know that Bree will never have to ask me that question.

I’ll touch on this subject later, because I’m already getting the feels.  Photos from our happy blended family popped up yesterday and crushed me to the core.  Wishing Bree had her biological father to know her and to love her no matter what the situation may be.  However, she’s a special miracle, who is so blessed.  WE are blessed beyond measure.  Everyone in our lives accepts that fact and knows their role, and we all put Bree’s current and future life first and foremost.

I just want to reach out to those who don’t see Father’s Day as a happy time.  It is a hard time, just like Mother’s Day.  It’s okay to wonder, “what if’s.”  It’s okay to be sad, but being angry only harms you, and if you’re a parent, it harms your child.  Give it to God.

Now, I’m off to spend time with Bree’s Father Figures, whom she is SO BLESSED to have.  A special thank you to my Father for raising me right.  For making me feel loved.  For giving me his love language of QUALITY TIME.  His presence. Love cannot be bought.  I am so grateful for my dad – for being like a Father to Bree, too.

So to all the Stand Up Dads, Grandfathers, Father-Figures, Stepfathers, Boyfriends loving someone else’s child(ren) just as their own…and don’t forget: (the Single Moms who play both mom AND Dad – I feel you!) : Happy Father’s Day!

Let’s make love, not war.  I hope you get to see your kids today.   Moms (ahem), put aside the indifferences with the other parent and even the former step-parent who “saved your children’s lives” on record).  Do what is the best for your children NOW and in the FUTURE.  Don’t hurt your children just to gratify yourselves.  Remember, we were all children.  They’ll grow up.  They won’t always see your lens or the picture you’ve painted.  So please, do what’s best for them.  Love them, but let others love them too.  THE WORLD NEEDS MORE.

Until next time my friends, NAMASTE