Happy Earth Day, 2022!


Let’s take a twist on fitness + Eco-friendliness!

Utrasana, or “Camel Pose”

Happy Earth Day, my friends! I hope you have all had a wonderful day, and reflected on what you can do to make it better. There is no better way to combine being sustainable & lowering your carbon footprint all while getting your workout in by practicing outdoors. You’re not only being eco-friendly, but you’re getting that added benefit of Vitamin D from it’s true source!

The pose above is probably my favorite if not top 3 poses that I do throughout the day, and incorporate in every practice. About the pose: Utrasana, also known as “Camel Pose” (or Camel). Utrasana, or “Camel Pose” is a huge heart opener. (Both arms at ankles). Stretches thighs, ankles, thorax, inguinals, quads, psoas). Great for strengthening your back. You’ll see full expression and different variations in more posts! I just loved this photo for today! Also, as y’all know I like to be personable with my own experience. This is great for everyone. However I may have an extra force pulling me to this pose due to certain body ailments. I’ll take a second to let you all know I “suffer” (radically accepted) from a very rare connective tissue disorder called Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, or EDS – ALONG WITH fibromyalgia. (If you suffer from fibromyalgia it is very common to be misdiagnosed, or undiagnosed with the real genetic disease of Ehler’s Danlos – EDS). You can have both, but every doctor who even knows what EDS is – has told me (of course I ask) – that YES, most people are diagnosed with fibromyalgia when in reality they have EDS, or in my case, both. I also have severe S-Curved Scoliosis at an above 20 degree curve with herniated and bulging discs at every level of my spine. I have a metal disc in my neck after discectomy. I have thyroid issues … just to name a few of my body’s condition. I’ll do a post on that as I don’t want to take away from EARTH DAY.

Some things you can do to help the Earth are simple. •Turn off the lights. • Be mindful of the energy usage – your wallet with thank you too! • Plant a tree (so therapeutic) • Reduce, Re-use, and recycle • Conserve Water • Reuse shopping bags. Those are all so easy, eco-friendly, therapeutic, and helpful money management tools. You can also go the extra mile by biking to work (and other places!) Added fitness bonus! • Do your workouts outdoors & get that Vitamin D & fresh air! • Only buy sustainable eco friendly products. They’re becoming more and more affordable so you’re not breaking the bank. At first it was expensive & rare. Now, more and more companies either are or plan to be fully/as much as possible carbon-neutral! • For the ladies – here’s a tip on a great company (non-collab) – HereWeFlo – for life’s messy moments. Eco-friendly and gives back to the community. Price is afforadable if not less than name brands we’ve been used to for decades.

Don’t forget – being outdoors with natural (I wish I could say pure) air, has been proven to eradicate disease, improve mood, and since I’ve spoken about sobriety, it is HUGE in recovery that you love your planet and spend time outdoors. You’ll make new friends, and you’ll probably have some new, healthy addictions like gardening, biking, working out, or even just grounding – melting into the Earth. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

Earth Day Tips

I will be back to edit and add more of my favorite companies, ideas I’ve personally incorporated that were actually saving me money while being eco-friendly, and some great fitness tips for outdoors! Remember, gyms are EXPENSIVE for a reason! All of that energy usage is what you’re paying for, and you can always makeshift equipment or use other items you have outdoors! We only have one Earth, let’s love it back. Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

PS – Don’t forget grounding every day. You don’t have to be a yogi for that!

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