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Hey Yogis, Parents, and HUMANS! Isn’t it a great time to be present and alive? I am a yoga mompreneur of a threenager. After practicing yoga in-studio, I decided to plunge in and get my yoga journey REALLY started. So, I became a yoga practitioner through the Yoga Alliance. What most people don’t realize is people advertise as yogis, gurus, coaches, and they don’t have the tools behind it. Why? Because yoga school is EXPENSIVE and the salary is LOW. I have my Bachelor’s in Social Sciences, Community Studies, and Humanities and I worked in healthcare for over 10 years making way more than a yoga teacher, they say in yoga, don’t quit your day job! But I say don’t quit your daydream. And for years it has been taunting me to take this to the next level so here I am. Money is nothing if you aren’t doing what you love!

So what also really makes my story unique is I’ve integrated it into being a better parent, living a healthy lifestyle, practicing a healthy mindset, and just loving more outside of the limits within ME. Yoga isn’t selfish. So buckle up whether you’re at the coffee shop or on your mat and let’s get started!

I’ve been wanting to blog before blogging was a thing, before Instagram was a thing (if that doesn’t tell you my age…). But I never really had the PUSH to go for it, because back then it wasn’t easily accessible and I had no idea where to start. Now, after I became registered with the highest of yoga alliances (well, the Yoga Alliance, or YA), and many sleepless nights of dying to do this, here I am. Now let’s go!

This is JUST an intro, of the basics for my blog rather than just a journal…

Journaling is great but when you think about sharing your knowledge with others, expanding with others, connection, and simple things you’ve learned over the years, in my opinion, you need a blog. We all know the cliché, but I’ll say it anyway, sharing is caring!

Now I want to be clear on something also; there are a LOT of types of yoga. And when I say that I don’t mean just physically. I am referring more to the internal form and yoga can get a bad rap. For instance, it’s origin. People may or maybe not think you’re worshipping the gods of another culture. And I’m not here to judge. But I am here to expand on what I do, and what I don’t do. As for you – I hope regardless what you read leads you to what is best for YOU!

I’m an extroverted introvert, I know, it’s also chichè, but this is a great way to connect with other yogis/yoginis/gurus/practitioners, parents, entrepreneurs, and bloggers of all types! I look forward just as much to LEARNING as I do to teaching.

You’ll see my girl bug, Bree the the teenager on here. You’ll see fashion I just can’t pass up but to share since I have a platform. But, I will try my best to keep focus on yoga, parenting, this crazy thing called life; but you will read some posts you also may not expect (divorce, abuse, misconduct, addiction, yin and yang because I want to be AUTHENTIC and my life is so far from perfect no matter how far I stray), so I encourage you to stay for a while!

Lastly, I want to emphasize I’m not here to push my way of exercising, lifestyle, parenting, etc. Throw out the age-ism. Throw out the divide in our countries (PS – I may not appear, but I am indigenous/Native). A true yoga practitioner understands that regardless of the type of yoga, it’s not just physical. We honor one another, love one another, and accept one another into our tribe as our own regardless of our likes and differences. NAMASTE my friends!

H I hope you’ve made it thus far, and I’ve piqued your interest. I’m trying not to go crazy with the ideas that keep me up at 2 am for the past decade or you will be lost like nobody’s business. But during this journey I hope I learn BUT my purpose here is to be a light and a servant (May I highly suggest reading The Five Love Languages). My gain is not selfish or greedy. I hope to bring that perseverance, knowledge, service to each and every one of you.

Lastly I’ll be posting free tutorials and zoom classes once I get the hang of this! Again, let’s serve.

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Yoga Mompreneur with a Twist - Holistic Practitioner - PTSD Warrior - Aesthetic Practitioner - B.S. Humanities, Social Sciences, Community Studies - and a whole lot more! Closet for a cause - non profit - https://posh.mk/LFJlw9f8zxb

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