Upgrade RYT-500!

Hello my friends! So I’ve been a busy girl lately. Not only do I have some AWESOME yoga-related news to share with you, but I’ve got a lot of other health-related information for those health-conscious people following along! So if you’ve wondered where I’ve been, I stepped up my game and am an official RYT-500 teacher through the Yoga Alliance, the gold standard for anything yoga.

As this is just a short update (overdue as I graduated over a month ago), I wanted to give y’all some info if you are interested in becoming an RYT, and confused as to schools, designations, pricing, etc.

First off – you’re welcome to do whatever your heart wants! And I’m not here to push for anything other than that! However, I do want to give some tips for those who are just lost like I was for years trying to figure out what to do.

In order to be successful – My personal belief is that you NEED to be with the Yoga Alliance. There are THOUSANDS of Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) through the Yoga Alliance. The YA holds their teachers and teacher trainers to a standard unlike any other yoga association. They offer digital events almost daily that count toward required Continuing Education which … is 1000% necessary. During the pandemic they are allowing for these CEU’s to be easily accessible to anyone and everyone. So – don’t let the price of a Yoga Alliance school sway you. Trust me, I’m a money conscious mama and it was hard but YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! And in this case, more! Think about it – would you want a Doctor or Physical Therapist who didn’t have to have continuing ongoing education to keep them up to date? Of course not! So although there are a lot of people who see yoga as slow, gentle (which it can be) practices, it can also be extremely hard on the body hence the difference between Yin and Yang styled classes. For instance, if you’ve ever done Bikram Hot Yoga, it doesn’t really feel like “yoga,” does it? And even with Yin-styled classes (which I’ll explain the two now that I’m back from my hiatus!) even the slightest movement can injure you for a long time. I mean a LONG time, like I’ve previously stated a guru of mine was hurt for a year after one bad move. So when you see the price tag on the certification for being a yoga teacher, understand there’s a reason why. If you see a school unregistered with the YA – they don’t have YA credentials for one, and for two I’d just say run. That’s like paying a couple hundred for a University degree (which I also have several of those as well).

I’m not here to sway anyone and we can all be successful yogis. BUT – don’t quit your day job when you get that first RYT-200. It takes a lot of work, time, effort, dedication, passion, and again it never just stops. The possibilities are endless and if your like-minded and have an entrepreneurial mindset and don’t want to get stuck in the rat-race, this is one of MANY avenues for you (if you don’t like yoga – this would be terrible advice to tell you to go for it). Whatever it is that you love, pour your heart and soul into it and you will reach potential you never thought possible.

That’s all for now as I’m working on even more (RCYT, and things related to my B.S. and Master’s, plus ya know – keeping a mini-me alive and thriving! 😉) – soooo “chat” soon – NAMASTE my friends!

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