Mercury Retrograde – The Biggest of 2021!

So for the last 2 weeks I have been on edge. Sleeplessness, irritability, impatience, resentments that I let go of arose, and I just thought I was going through the motions. Not so much. My body, mind, soul, spirit was preparing me for today and the weeks to come.

I generally go to bed around 7, (I know), but I couldn’t sleep or turn my mind off. I’m a mom and play the dad role, so I am exhausted at the end of the day, really by 4 or 5. However, I thought, are we in Mercury Retrograde? I figured we’d be somewhere in retrograde as I’ve felt such a shift lately (but didn’t think once about retrograde until tonight…), so I looked up to see. I was not one bit surprised to see the blasted that this is the “Biggest Mercury Retrograde of 2021” and that it started TODAY. (I don’t need a retrograde calendar, I have a built-in body/mind/soul retrograde alert system if you will!)

Again, I wasn’t alarmed to see that May 29 is the start of the biggest Mercury Retrograde of the year. No wonder my body has been so out of tune – when you are in sync with your mind, body, and soul, you just know. My being was preparing me for this.

This is going to be a short post, but there’s the reason why I’ve been so out of sorts and not posting like I have intended. For that I apologize because I have so much more to share!

Regarding Mercury retrograde, it is May 29-June 22. Trust me y’all, I haven’t looked up the dates in forever. I just knew.

What is Mercury retrograde? I will let you do your homework until I edit this, but it is when Mercury is in apparent retrograde motion. But what does that mean? Mercury retrograde is a time when there may be confusion, frustration, anger, feelings all over. “Coincidences” can be huge, although I’ll link a podcast on how this sentence is a catch 22 because I don’t believe in coincidence. However, the notice of “coincidence” will probably be extreme. Intuition is super high during this period, and if you’re already intuitive well … double whammy. However, I see the intuitive trait as a GIFT.

Lastly, since it’s past my bedtime and retrograde is going to be quite long, I have a few things to add (I will be editing when it’s not past my bedtime (😉)…I am the epitome of “wanderlust,” free-spirited, and a moon child. HOWEVER, I disagree with a LOT of astrology and there are things I won’t allow in my head. Retrograde has proven time and time again, I mean hello, how “coincidental” that I would think, maybe we are in retrograde, and BOOM it started TODAY, AND it’s the largest retrograde of the year!So for closing on this note, I want to say this: during retrograde, it’s great to note that you shouldn’t be quick to make commitments. You should look out for “coincidences” and make note of it! It will peak your interest. Stay flexible. Take extra measures to guard your heart and soul and to stay on the course of soulfulness, rather than to stray, which is what many people will end up doing. Most of all stay positive, don’t blame Mercury retrograde or use it as an excuse for poor behavior, communication, attitudes, etc. Stay authentic, stay true, stay you!

Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

P.S. Do NOT fear Mercury Retrograde, or (anything for that matter). Embrace it! Use it to become a stronger, patient, loving, soulful person, even more than you already are! This is the perfect opportunity.

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