Hello my loves and happy Thankful Thursday!

I know this seems a bit out of place but I wanted to give you a glimpse of what yoga can achieve for you, and that the “unrealistic” is actually very achievable.

Some days you may want to be silent and meditate, while the next you may want to go full throttle and push the limits. That’s the art of yoga.

So I know this is brief but I just wanted to show you how far you can go and how I will teach you from the ground up on how to get there. (by the way, this may look hard, but it comes so easy to me with proper learning and technique. It comes so natural and I can hold it for however long I want, and even talk while like this. It feels THAT good!

Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

Published by bombyogamom

Yoga Mompreneur with a Twist - Holistic Practitioner - PTSD Warrior - Aesthetic Practitioner - B.S. Humanities, Social Sciences, Community Studies - and a whole lot more! Closet for a cause - non profit - https://posh.mk/LFJlw9f8zxb

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