Say Hello To My Little Friend

Before I move any further – What a beautiful day to talk to you all and share the star of this show, the reason why I’m not just the Bomb Yoga’er 🙂 – My daughter, Miss Bree Noelle.

I am the proud Mommy of a fabulously fierce and precious three-nager and even though I’m broke on band-aids, one thing is for sure…I AM BEYOND BLESSED. Regardless of our traumatic birth story, we survived, and we are here to walk hand in hand sharing that story, helping others thrive, and showing compassion and love…because that’s what we’re all about.

When Bree isn’t yoga-ing, with Mama, she loves to do all the things I did as a kid. She’s a TomBoy at heart, and loves frogs, lizards, and even just got her new fish, Tutu De Frio….I’ll let that one sink in. Thats what she names every new animal. Isn’t it funny kids make up the funniest names and stick with it? Mine was “The Flying Vantist.” So, it’s quite fair to say the apple does NOT fall far from the tree.

We love to go hiking, playparks, trampoline parks, THE park, and she can even go to the movie now! Side note: Tom & Jerry – not for 3 year olds. We did see Raya and the Last Dragon, and it was great but if you’ve got a threenager, it is a bit scary. We were so blessed to see the last showing of The Secret Life of Pets 2 and that was a hit. (As you see I’ll give some recommendations here and there, some for mommin’ some for everyday life, fashion, fitness, health, you get it…)

I am a single mom and have been for her entire life; when life throws you punches like it did with my birth story and all that snowballed afterwards, it’s a true test of how strong your marriage is. Nothing worth keeping is easy. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out the way we liked even though we did actually have a white picket fence, (and I have some help for NPD/abuse victims in the future), but at least we have US.

Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

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