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As a yogi/yogini, it is very important to be mindful of a lot of things, always, but especially during this holiday season. I took to my platforms to spread a little tip about the pros and cons of Black Friday, and how the “hype” is an instant gratification, that really can get you into a heap of financial trouble.

We live in a world where entrepreneurship and online selling, sustainable selling, being eco-friendly, is really becoming the new future. I’m sorry I missed posting here about Black Friday, but my general consensus was to stay away from the big stores, and instead invest in something that will make your dreams grow. Something that will bring you the financial freedom you deserve. I know, because for 2 decades I was living paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t have a savings account until I was 24! And I have a triple Bachelors in Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communications. Yet, working 8-5 (not 9-5! + side jobs in marketing & trade shows) – I was STILL barely making ends meet. And I wasn’t going to the mall on shopping sprees…I haven’t been to the mall in over ten years. I paid my BILLS and shopped secondhand even before it was a thing!)

Then, I became a mother – my biggest achievement in my life. But did you know the cost to raise a child per year is estimated to be: $12,980 (and I’ve personally found that to be actually a very low estimate). Furthermore, being a SINGLE MOTHER with no child support is something most people cannot do and have the life they deserve for their children. In my case, even worse, we are currently at $20k arrears until enforcement, motor vehicle theft and other judgments unpaid, and so much more, that I would be drowning if I was not so conscious about my spending habits.

I know my recent posts have seemed a bit off topic in yoga, but they’re really not. (I am working on big things for my yoga peeps, don’y worry!) Becoming a mother, having a lot of financial issues protecting my family and most importantly my daughter (I won’t defame, as I am clearly giving leniency) – but motherhood in itself with zero child support turned my already frugal self into a penny pincher. For good reason. There is no dollar amount for my child. I will have nothing if that means I fully provide for her, her education, and the things that make her smile, just to name a few. (Wait a minute … Maybe that’s why I subconsciously woke up to “BombYogaMom” as my pseudonym!)

I knew when I got my first Yoga Certification (Yoga Alliance), it would take time but it was going to go somewhere. I have that free entrepreneural spirit within me no matter how many hours I have to work, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my daughter who is #1.

That being said, Yoga is about consciousness, kindness, it is a very deep inner practice – MIND – BODY – SOUL. So sustainability isn’t off topic here

So, that takes me to my point. Today is Small Business Saturday. My Yoga Business is a small business, that just got trademarked (name to be announced!)

What you don’t know though, is I have had a small 8 business for 12 years in the e-comm industry, then 8 years on Poshmark – going strong! Poshmark is the highest fashion/retail reselling platform, and my closet sets me apart. It truly saved me when I went through the financial hardships of medical bills, single motherhood with zero support, no vehicle, no belongings. I had to re-start from the ground up when I had my divorce and custody trial. It’s like my inner self knew to start in 2014 unknowing that I would need it direly to survive and thrive for my family beginning 4 years later…

This reselling began actually in 2010 on eBay, but I stumbled upon Poshmark in 2014 and now I am one of the Top Sellers in a multi million user platform. (To be clear, this isn’t Mary Kay, not an MLM. This is an integrity based platform for users to buy and sell fashion/electronics/household items. If you scroll down, I was one of 4 main stage speakers in Posh Stories section. That’s a big deal!)

In my video below I just want you to know, today and always, let’s not just shop small business, but let’s shop secondhand. The fashion industry is the most damaging industry financially, and small business owners have found their space to be able to accomplish their dreams simply by selling out of their own closets, and finding their wishlists for a fraction of the price – or being able to own things that they could never afford. This also allows for people to resell and be able to make more money and spend more time with their families. It’s a win-win. And just for the record, I’m not getting paid for this. I just hope to help at least one person.

If you’d like to shop my closet, you can download the app and use my code THATBOMBYOGAMOM for some free Poshmark cash – look it up, it’s not a scam or MLM. Also, my person closet link is: or you can just search find user – @thatbombyogamom.

I hope I sparked some internal thinking about finances and business, sustainability, and how to make the world a better place. You too can start your own small business! (Yoga Lovers – Yoga clothing and gear is a hot topic on Poshmark!)

Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

Dara Singletary …

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