Happy 5th Birthday, Bree Bee!♾️

Happy 5TH Birthday to the light of my life, Miss Bree Noelle. My best friend. My partner in crime. My soul sister. The one I swear to protect – and have done quite a good job at. I would have laid my life down – and I did. I was ready. My book is 4 years in the making and it’s almost done. So I’ll save that story for the publishing company. This is about YOU. Your light. Conscious conception. Our miracle.

I’m sorry for everything I couldn’t control. I’m sorry you were abandoned. I did everything I could. What could have been but what is ahead are two different things. I no longer consistently look back. You are loved by so many. You are loved by this world.

This post is TBD – because I just have all the feels on Bree’s birthday. The photos past pop up. But the best has come and is yet to come.

The day my world fell apart only to come back together stronger, and better than before.

We are accreta survivors (undetected). We are domestic abuse survivors. And although I could say more, I am not here to put anyone down. You’re missing out.

I love you, your month long birthday, my horsey girl – the best YET! You are my world, and everyone else’s. #survivor

#soberfam #npd #staystrong #itgetsbetteripromise 💜 #infinityniykeeheaton #darasingletary

Announcement at 18 weeks, Sarasota, FL
Pregnant in Disney
Pregnant in FL
I’m our family portrait we look pretty happy🎶😢
Accreta Survivor #hystersister #npdawareness #ptsd
Pregnant in Tally
Bree’s Dedication
Destin, FL 2018
Pregnant Vibes
For infinity 🎶
New life #soberfam 💜🐝

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