Memorial Day 2022

Happy Memorial Day, friends. To me, it’s odd to say “Happy” Memorial Day. Did we forget the meaning behind this ‘in memorandum’ day that is a day of intense mourning? Memorial Day is presents an opportunity to remember the brave men and women who fought (and for many, lost their lives to protect our country). It’s not a party of binge drinking, it’s a day of gratitude for the price so many paid for us to have the lives we do. May we be mindful today. May we make acts of kindness big or small. May we live our lives to the fullest in honor of those who lost theirs. May we pray for the families who have lost a loved one. Don’t waste a second, millisecond, nanosecond of our lives doing things that do not serve us, the Lord, others. Let’s get back to the roots of this day of remembrance.

Here are six charities to donate so you can celebrate Memorial Day the right way: 1. Homes for Our Troops @homesforourtroops 2. Navy-Marine Corps Society @usmarinecorps 3. Wounded-Warrior Project @wwo 4. Hope for the Warriors @hope4warriors 5. Fisher House Foundation @fisherhousefdtn 6. The Memorial Day Foundation @plantsandthingsfloraldesign.

My grandfather, Veteran
My maternal grandfather Korean Veteran, alongside my maternal grandmother

This isn’t a drinking and destructive day. Let’s make a change. It starts with ME. It starts with YOU. If you’re new to sobriety and need some accountability from a long term sober accountability coach, I am here. Let’s serve others as well as ourselves.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay blessed. Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

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