Happy Halloween! I want to hear you ROAR! Lion’s Breath + Lion’s Pose

It’s been a while but don’t worry, I’ll NEVER leave!

Happy Halloween, friends! What are y’all planning to be? Or channeling the inner candy-giver, and calling it a night in? 🤔

As for me – As a teacher (and now RCYT – Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher … the icing on the cake for my path!) I just had to incorporate my love for yoga (and Lion’s pose/Lion’s Breath) for Halloween – that is, before I become Moana, and maybe Raya, and probably a dinosaur too. We’ll see. 😜 It’s up to my boss, you know the cute almost 4 year old appendage of mine? Yeah…she runs me. I’m cool with it!

Channeling my inner feline

I obviously chose some kind of cat – lol – but it was a LION/LIONNESS to channel that inner lionness inside. I mean I do this often, no costume needed. But here’s my makeshift LION costume for my oh-so-fun Halloween workshop! We had so much fun I had to do my own outtakes for the blog as we didn’t even THINK to break out our phones!

That being said, of course for this blog I never want anyone to miss a thing, and Lion’s pose/Lion’s breath are really downplayed in yoga. A lot of practitioners have never heard of it. It seems silly at first glance, and kind of requires some silliness. But the benefits are spectacular and it is NOT just for looks (the first time I saw it I thought the RYT was being fun with her tongue out during an asana).

As for even just the breath being beneficial – I mean I do this in bed. Open the throat chakra, release TMJ tension, stress, anxiety, and so much more – I’ll list below benefits. So while you don’t have to do both the pose/asana and the breath – when accessible, I like to. But it’s never a requirement. And the pose may be hard on your knees, so always trust those limitations. Remember – yoga is YOUR practice. And you do what is best for you.

As for the breath – yes it looks silly and just like fun…and while that may be true it has so many benefits like I said. It’s easy. Want the run down? Breathe in through the nostrils, deep expanding the rib cage as always, then open the mouth WIDE – yes tongue out not just to be silly, and loud H-A exhale. Eyes high – really try to gaze at the third eye. Boom. You’re a lion.

As for Lion’s Pose – First – check out the feet and the reel above of how I (hypermobile) turn my feet on top of my knees inward so this is a very rare asana (and not accessible for all, please don’t push the limits). If you do want to try or just know the pose – Look here as my feet are on the inside not behind me like the other asanas. I love this pose because it incorporates 2 healing techniques in one: (MY Halloween Version of Lion’s Pose/Lion’s Breath)- Sanskrit Simhasana (Sim=Lion Asana=Pose). And yes it differs from all others poses, and your tongue SHOULD be out as so! Different benefits include ⭐️ Releases Facial Tension/Stress ⭐️ Improves Circulation of Blood to the Face ⭐️ Keeps the eyes healthy (stimulates the nerves) ⭐️ Stimulates and forms the platysma (muscle in the collarbone to jaw areas) ⭐️ Helps prevent sore throat, asthma, respiratory stress/ailments ⭐️ IT IS SAID TO ERADICATE DISEASE. Remember – disease cannot survive in an oxygenated environment! So do the breath (Lions Breath – Simha Mudra) with the pose! 🦁

I hope you learned something new or had some fun. Happy Halloween, and until next time – Namaste, my friends!

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