Juneteenth 2021

As an indigenous minority, June 19th, also known as Juneteenth, is near and dear to my heart and soul. I will expand later as this was emotional as an activist, philanthropist, social work warrior, humanitarian, minority, and so on (see one of my Bachelor’s degree’s transcripts above). It reminded me of the days I would go home and cry because people would ask me, verbatim, “What are you?” Out of negligence, meaning, what race/ethnicity I was. I am naturally extremely tan with black hair, until this last year I changed my look to be “twinning” with my daughter.

There is only one race: the human race. Be kind, love one another, love is blind. Beauty is only skin deep. We are simply souls with a body, not the other way around. I applaud the work that has been done and will continue to use my voice for activism and philanthropy. I invite you to as well.

One more time: folks. Remember: There is but ONE race. The human race. -Dara Singletary, RYT, B.S. Humanities, Social Sciences, & Community Studies, CPR/AED, activist, humanitarian, yogini, human, lover, philanthropist, fight for what’s right, above all – mama bear and BELIEVER

Until next time my friends, NAMASTE

Published by bombyogamom

Yoga Mompreneur with a Twist - Holistic Practitioner - PTSD Warrior - Aesthetic Practitioner - B.S. Humanities, Social Sciences, Community Studies - and a whole lot more! Closet for a cause - non profit - https://posh.mk/LFJlw9f8zxb

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